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We study various aspects of ecology, biology and diversity of insects associated with woodlands together with processes affecting their habitats and survival. Our research combines entomology, ecology, forestry and GIS methods in order to contribute to rational, evidence-based conservation of biodiversity. To facilitate for information flow between the academic and the "real" worlds we also collaborate with various NGOs, state organizations, land owners and media.

Latest publications
Miklín J., Hauck D., Konvička O., Cizek L. (2017) Veteran trees and saproxylic insects in the floodplains of Lower Morava and Dyje rivers, Czech Republic. Journal of Maps 13: 291-299.
Řehounková K., Čížek L., Řehounek J., Šebelíková L., Tropek R., Lencová K., Marhoul P., Bogusch P., Máca J. (2016) Additional disturbances as a beneficial tool for restoration of post-mining sites: a multi-taxa approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23: 13745–13753.
Šebek P., Vodka Š., Bogusch P., Pech P., Tropek R., Weiss M., Zimová K., Čížek L. (2016) Open-grown trees as key habitats for arthropods in temperate woodlands: The diversity, composition, and conservation value of associated communities. Forest Ecology and Management 380: 172-181.
Tropek R., Černá I., Straka J., Kočárek P., Malenovský I., Tichánek F., Šebek P. (2016) In search for a compromise between biodiversity conservation and human health protection in restoration of fly ash deposits: Effect of anti-dust treatments on five groups of arthropods. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23: 13653–13660.
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10. 5. 2017
Rambouillet | Author: Pavel Šebek
Travel to France
In the start of May, Pavel Š. installed FIT traps in the forests of Rambouillet, a wooded complex with diverse management strategies, active coppice with standards woods, pheasantry, and reserves. The field work and sampling was arranged with help of Christophe Bouget (Irstea) and his team.
2. 5. 2017
Bavarian Forest National Park
Bavarian Forest National Park | Author: admin
2nd International Conference on Forests
The second International Conference on Forests took place from 26. to 29. 04. in the Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany. Two talks were presented by the members of our team. Pavel Šebek talked about the Podyjí project in which the effect of artificial canopy opening on biodiversity has been studied. Two days later, Lukáš Drag presented the first results of the radio-tracking study focused on the protected saproxylic beetle Cerambyx cerdo. The list of other participations was very diverse, the keynote talks were presented by e.g. Prof. David Lindenmayer, or Prof. Lenore Fahrig.
18. 4. 2017
Borzhava forest
Borzhava forest | Author: Lukas Drag
Travel to Ukraine
Last week, Pavel Š., Lukáš D. and Lukáš Č. spent several days in Ukraine (Закарпатська область). Together with the collaborators from Uzhhorod National University, they searched for the suitable tree locations within the lowland forest of Borzhava river to hang the Flight Interception Traps (FIT).